Multi-Year Grant Request

You have been invited to submit a proposal for a multi-year grant. Though the process is very similar to our traditional grants, there are a few key differences. Read below for helpful information you will need as you prepare your request for submission in our Grants Portal.


We invite you to use these resources as you prepare your request. Your Strategy Director or Program Associate may provide additional information about requirements specific to your particular request.

Start by reading the primer on multi-year grants.



Download the pre-grant worksheet.


Download the multi-year budget template.

Each tab is designed to be updated according to the year in which funding applies and will include columns for both projected and actual expenses.


Prepare your objectives

Your Strategy Director or Program Officer will help you determine how to best set your objectives to measure progress for reporting purposes. When entering them in the portal, please state that they measure multiple years; otherwise, we will assume they are one-year objectives.



The multi-year grant request process differs from the traditional, single year grant request process. Details can be found in the Primer and are summarized below.

  • You will apply for the full amount of funding to cover all years as directed by your Strategy Director.
  • The initial approval will be followed by an award and payment for the first year of funding. The commitment to fund your project for multiple years is contingent upon satisfactory progress as indicated on yearly reports and in follow-up conversations with your Strategy Director or Program Officer.
  • To receive funding in subsequent years, you will be required to submit a progress report and a renewal request with updated attachments in the Grants Portal. The funding will be issued upon approval of your Strategy Director/Program Officer.