The Maclellan Foundation Inc.

Our Mission

The Maclellan Foundation is called to glorify God by leveraging the legacy, resources, relationships, and experience entrusted to us to serve those advancing Christ’s Kingdom around the globe.

Our History

Incorporated in 1945 by Robert J. Maclellan, his sister Dora Maclellan Brown, and his son Robert L. Maclellan, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc. is the largest and oldest of the Maclellan Family Foundations. The foundation is focused on establishing and strengthening the local church, promoting discipleship and leadership development, sparking community transformation, promoting the power of prayer, advocating for generosity, and increasing access to Scripture. The foundation provides financial and leadership resources to faith-based ministries, helping to foster biblical Christian values in the community by meeting practical and spiritual needs.


In addition to focusing on excellence in all that we do, we will be intentional about how we do it.

We are church-centric. We seek collaboration. We aim to honor God through excellence, integrity and prayer. We strive for measured, transformational impact.

Areas of Focus


We partner with organizations that are offering individuals within their community an opportunity to set a new identity in Jesus, and to see these individuals worshipping together in a unified local church.

Developing Leaders

We partner with organizations who see leadership development as a necessity for excellence, and a vibrant indigenous church.

Prayer and Scripture

We believe that growth—to be sustainable and fruitful—has to be built on the foundation of prayer and engaging God’s word.


We partner with organizations who look for innovative opportunities to share the truth and nature of Jesus.


We desire to see believers in every country experience the joy of living a generous life.

Developing Organizations

We invest to build the capacity and effectiveness of organizations, especially when it helps them move toward self-sustainability.